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Grant and Loan Application

MCEDD staff works closely with applicants to make sure the project matches OIB goals and guidelines. When you think you are ready to write an application, please contact us at
541-296-2266 to discuss the project and potential application.

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All applications must include:

Applicants are encouraged to read the funding criteria prior to applying for funding. Each completed application must include:

   • Project Proposal Form
   • Columbia River Gorge Commission Certification

Deadline: Third Wednesday of each month
Note: Be sure to sign and date the Project Proposal Form and Columbia River Gorge Commission Certification form.

Submit one unbound original to the MCEDD office:
515 East Second Street, The Dalles, OR 97058.
Submit an electronic file of your grant
and/or loan application to Eric.



1. Talk with MCEDD staff about your project. For grants, we Strongly Encourage you to upload your project to agora-platform.com first. Create a free account, upload a deal. For technical assistance, contact MCEDD staff at 541-296-2266.

2. Submit application to MCEDD (see link above to apply). Submit one original and an electronic copy of your application

3. MCEDD staff reviews project for eligibility and provides staff report, recommendation and your application to the Board

4. Board meets to decide regarding grant and loan funding

5. Funded project is certified by Columbia River Gorge Commission

6. MCEDD develops a contract with funded and certified projects for grant and/or loan

7. Semi-annual reporting and documentation of progress of project, budget and achievement of performance measures are required of all funded projects.




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